If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

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Re: If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

ammac12 wrote:

At face value, Aperture sounds like the software I want - a seamless integration with iPhoto. Easily overlays existing photo's, albums and events and enhances the underwhelming editing softward that is iPhoto. However, there are so many horror stories about the reliability of this software I am afraid to take the plunge.

So, if not Aperture, then what are you using that functions like Aperture? What I'm after is the integration concept. I am testing LR now and so far don't see / know how to export saved images back to iPhoto. I am having to create a new path into my Pictures folder vs. iPhoto library. I am reviewing Elements as a more simplistic editing software. My needs are basic and my desire is to keep things streamlined - all going back to iPhoto for multiple device sync.

Any advice or suggestions? Thanks


Aperture's greatest strengths are in the areas of file management and workflow--the "integration concept."  High quality raw conversions--not so much.  For those who want the very best IQ from a raw convertor, Photo Ninja is the current king of the hill.  Just try it and you will see what I mean.  I do not think that it would be difficult to incorporate PN into an Aperture based workflow, at least for the best images.  That said, once you see what Photo Ninja can produce, you may want to use it on all your images.  And because PN is so easy and quick, the total time spent editing and processing images may actually be less than with Aperture alone.


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