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Re: On Banding and Noise

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Regarding the EXIF meta data you showed with lots of zeroes.

That does not say so much. We dont know what editing really have been done. There might have been post processing in some other editor, and the new camera/SPP might not dump correct values yet.

Yes, you're right. We don't know for sure. But actually, i think the EXIFs are correct.
Usually if another editor was used after SPP, "Exiftool" loses the information like "fill-light" etc.

Like it happened in the first picture:
Software                        : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh

...and no more specific SPP informations.
When i was opening the picture of the two ladies, i already thought that there must be too much luminace noise reduction applied. 
And Exiftool shows it:

Chrominance Noise Reduction : +0.250 (this is one step below "middle" position)
Luminance Noise Reduction : +0.750 (this is one step above the "middle" position and 3 steps above "zero")
This destroys details and increases "posterization".

(sorry, i guess the topic is already too technical for my english..)


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