What is mFT FoV?

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Re: The "unseen"

(Digression) It seems, if someone wants to take issue with something one hasn't said, they will invent one having said it. Or something like that (Not to you Guy)


So Olympus makes several converters for the 14-42 II, the FCON-P01 Fisheye, WCON-P01 Wide and a Macro. http://www.four-thirds.org/en/microft/accessories.html#i_wcon_p01_olympus

There is the oft repeated statement that Olympus (and Panasonic) are making barrel distortion corrections in camera with m4/3 lenses (but not with 4/3 lenses apparently). So far, I haven't found any documentation to corroborate this but I'm still looking. I thought about using a Wide converter and seeing what the resulting ORF file looked like in a 3rd party viewer. Since there's no data passed to the camera that the lens is now wider than spec, the viewer software should provide the same correction as when not using the converter - if this makes sense. (I doubt if any in-camera processor is robust enough to do real-time, on-the-fly, full image correction.)

At any rate, the question occurred to me, if Olympus is doing in-camera barrel distortion correction, offering an add-on product like the converters that would render the RAW data less meaningful doesn't make a lot of sense.

Another possibility might be that viewers/converters are processing the data in the RAW file as if it were corrected in-camera, to allow for future enhancements to the data (?).

Like I said, the more I read, the murkier it gets. I'm happy with the output I'm getting so it's not an issue for me, but am still wondering why other users are reporting problems I'm just not seeing. When one viewer shows corner vignette and another doesn't, something is amiss somewhere.

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