D800e with 24-70 (10 row Pano)

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Horizontal Pano of the same scene...only 7 shots

Hi Reilly,

unfortunatly did I not do a wide angle Pano. I thought I did. But I did a horizontal pano. I stopped doing wide angle Panos and mostly do Panos at 50mm since with wide angle there are often heavy distortion problems. I am pretty sure that with the 24-70 @24mm the distortions would have been very high and I am not sure if the pano would have come out this good.

But I have to agree that a little more foreground and a wider angle would have give this scene a more depth. But again I am not sure if the distortion would have been all right.

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

No, because the sides would be pulled like taffy shooting a 114 degree FOV with a 14-24. The pano would give much less distorted geometry on the sides (depending on the selected projection) and go a whole lot wider, like 160 or 210 or beyond. Not to mention Gigapan-like pixel peeping/printing ability with 80 or so MP.

With distortion correction it would look pretty damn good. The field of view of the Samyang 8mm is something like 160 degrees. But, my real point was posting a tiny picture of a panoramic shot isn't impressive because there isn't any "Gigapan-like pixel peeping."

As I mentioned. 6000 long side, 100% quality on DPR, that's the ticket. The field of view of the Sigma is 119 degrees, not 160, with massive distortion, only some of which can be rectified in post. The OP is using a D800e, so his best bet for single shot width would be the 14-24, which has a 114 degree FOV, with a lot of distortion. At that FL, the lower left and right corners are pretty severely hogging the frame. Volume anamorphosis in DXO can restore restore a measure of geometric sanity, but falls well short of the "you are there" effect of a good pano.

The OP should have shot at 24-30 mm portrait with his 24-70, which would have given him enough room to include more vital foreground as well as better ability to straighten the horizon without losing picture height. Tbis is fussy and needs some practice to get right.

If anyone is interested, we have a well attended ongoing pano thread in the landscape forum which is a goldmine of pano viewing and general information. We invite everyone to participate.

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