Robins are back ...

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Re: Robins are back ...

Daniel74 wrote:

Adapted lenses would not autofocus.

By the way 280/4 is a brilliant lens, probably the best telephoto there is, but for the fiscally challenged I found Canon FD 300/2.8L is bulkier but surprisingly good (and only about $3k cheaper).

Hi Daniel,

Thanks.  Indeed the APO-R 280/4 is an astounding lens.

According to Erwin Puts it can resolve 500 line pairs per mm and is almost diffraction limited wide open.

I bought mine about a year ago.  Since then the prices for that lens have practically doubled.

No wonder with the M240 actually being delivered pretty soon now.

BTW, during the production era 1993-2009 only 2,000+ lenses in total were made.

Best, K-H.

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