Small aperture diffraction.... let's see some!

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Re: Small aperture diffraction.... let's see some!

What a beautifully composed photo of a waterfall. The way the rays of light hit the green vegetation is excellent!!  And the over-all composition too!

Back to diffraction though. You used a FF sensor camera which will not see diffraction at f/22.  A crop-sensor, however, because the sensor is smaller, WILL exibit diffraction at f/22.

The dla (diffraction limiting aperture) of a crop camera starts at f/11 and a FF camera at f/22. So dla will barely raise its ugly head at the beginning apertures for the respective cameras.

In the example using the images of the fence the apertures used were f/4 and f/22.  Not the best apertures to display dla as the f/4 image will exibit softness for a different reason. A comparison of the sharpest aperture of f/8 to an aperture at f/22 or f32 would be a much better example.


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