Why doesn't Nikon use 2 processors to achieve higher fps?

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Re: Why doesn't Nikon use 2 processors to achieve higher fps?

Jim Keye wrote:

kb2zuz wrote:

So the D600 could probably have been faster with the processor it has. It was more likely the shutter/mirrorbox that was the limitation on that camera

^^^ This

(and they may well be pushing that to the limit already with the oil/dust problem with oil coming off the mirror mechanism).

It wouldn't matter how many times a second it happened, the mirror up/down and the shutter speed is the same each time, whether it's once a second or X times a second.

Except that a faster fps demands shorter blackout times. In general camera companies tried to make the shutter lag (mostly the time it takes for the mirror to get out of the way) as short as possible. And on pro cameras they make a bigger deal about the black-out time (lag + how long it takes for the mirror to come back down) and on less-than-pro cameras they will use a cheaper mirror box design that moves a little slower and means that the viewfinder is blacked out for longer. The problem is with higher FPS you may need to make the mirror faster so that 1) the viewer can keep an eye on what's in the frame and 2) the mirror is down long enough between frames so that it can continue auto-focusing between shots. This is purely my speculation but it could be that they might just be pushing the mirror box too far and forcing it to slam the mirror back down (and AF mirror back up) quicker than it could reasonably do. That speed, not how often it does it, could be what's throwing oil... again purely my speculation.

So with the higher price and bigger body, you don't end up with a D750, you end up with a D5.


More reasonable approach would be to make a D750 based of the 16MP chip in the D4 and just limit it to 8fps.

Nikon's strategy is curious. I'm not sure we're going to see a D750, but it certainly wouldn't be hard to do.

It wouldn't be hard to do, but the question is it enough to sell as many $3000 cameras as the D800? The D700 was a very good camera but it was not a huge money maker for Nikon. A D750 as I described (either 24MP with 6.5fps or 16MP with 8fps) would have an additional challenge as many of the people who would be interested in that camera may have bought a D700 2 or 3 years ago and they will have to ask themselves if they want to drop another $3,000 to either get an extra 4MP (or double the MP at a cost of 1.5fps), slightly better dynamic range and high ISO performance. I'm certain there are those that would, but I'm also certain there are some that wuold say "I'd like it but if I can save $3000 the D700 is good enough." I don't know what the percentages would be but it tells me that it might not be as popular as the D700 was. Keep in mind for it to be worth while to Nikon it has to make quite a bit of money, because even though we think it's just "slap a D4 sensor in a D800 body" there is a lot of design, testing, manufacturing set up, firmware programing, FCC/UL/etc certifications and licensing for every country they want to sell the camera in... all this costs quite a bit of money, so if it isn't going to make a few million dollars profit it just might not be worth it to Nikon.

I'd say if they were going to do a D750, it would more likely be the 16MP sensor of the D4, partly to maintain the higher FPS the D700 users want and partly to attempt to recover more money from the design and manufacture of the D4's sensor which is not used in anything else at the moment (it costs billions to start producing a new chip). If they were going to go that route I'd expect to see it come into play a year to a year an a half after the D4 launched which means some time between now and the middle of the year... I haven't heard any rumors so it doesn't look promising.

They may well be saying "look we can make some money now, but it won't be a lot and it will also make whatever we come out with in 3 years less dramatic or if we wait until 2015ish we can make a ton of money when we come out with something that blows away what came out 6 years before, and everyone wants it."

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