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Re: Banding, blotches and skin tones?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

So -- many here say the images shows banding, blotches and yellow skin tones.

Yes, there are two images with banding. The two ladies is evident. The dog in the window needs some amplification to get bad.

Yes, there is one image with bad blotches. The two ladies.

Yes, the two ladies does not have attractive skin tones. But (unfortunately guys) there is not much skin to look upon in those images.

So - I would say that the critique is slightly exaggerated. What do you think?

Maybe I have missed the problems in other images. Anyone?

For those who may have not noticed, the shot of the two ladies with yellow skin tones are shot a with a WB setting of "overcast" which tends to artifically add yellow to the scene to compensate for the blue of overcast light. This doesn't tell you that the DP3 can't do good skin tones, only that the WB settings on the camera need to be improved. I suggest reserving judgment until some portraits taken under regular 5500K lighting are shown.

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