Why only a score of 17 (lenses) on DXO

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Re: Is it because of their 'apparent megapixels' sharpness rating?

Anders W wrote:

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Anders W wrote:

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Thanks. That is sort of what I felt was the case, as it was really the only answer.

Peter F.

On top of that, the DxO rating is partly based on how much light a lens can gather. A 50/1.4 for FF will gather four times as much light as a 25/1.4 for MFT at the same exposure due to the larger image circle (and larger sensor). So in a way, they count the FF advantage twice: First when rating sensors and then when rating lenses. One would think that once might be enough.

I think they should find another way to rate the lenses. This method makes confusion to many.

So do I. I never cared about their scores but found their MTF curves useful. Since they have dropped those in favor of the P-Mpix mumbo-jumbo, I don't find much reason to look at their lens reviews any more. The sensor tests remain very valuable, but in that case too, I don't care much about the scores. I just look at their measurements.

Same here. I only check it for recommended lens' 'sharp' focal lengths and when CA are obvious to extreme.

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