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Re: On Banding and Noise

The picture Laurence was talking about was the image with a lady and a green bag. And I agree ther, very hard to see any problems in the original.

yes, two ladies, one with a green bag.

Of course, the problems are easily visible in the image with the two ladies, both banding and splotches. Nemas problemas.

But ... we dont know what the photographer has made with the image. Maybe it was slightly under exposed and then the darker parts compensated for? Maybe even fill light. We dont know that.

we know it, it looks like this:

White Balance: Overcast

Exposure Compensation : +0.2
Contrast : +0.0
Shadow : +0.0
Highlight : +0.0
Saturation : +0.0
Sharpness : +0.0
X3 Fill Light : +0.0
Chrominance Noise Reduction : +0.250
Luminance Noise Reduction : +0.750


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