Which accessories would you recommend for the V1?

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Re: Blurry corners may break this deal :(

@ Kiet_Hang

Thanks very much for the tip regarding the Fotodiox grip. Not sure how easy it is to get in the UK but I'll do some research. I see that it is a lot more larger than the Franiec grip which will assist better, however, the Franiec is asthetically more appealing to me.


You are welcome. Check out the GGS on eBay.

@ mnhoj

Love the picture and tips! Where did you get the shutter button from and how did you install it?

@ Herts_JoaTMoN

I'm in the UK/Germany so I may also have trouble getting the fotodiox grip. I can understand you wanting a more NEX type experience since you prefer the ergonomics of the Sony. It's all done to hand size and how the camera is held.

I do not intend getting a flash. I was going to get:


However, I noticed some really bad corner/egde sharpness which I believe is the 10-30mm. It's extremely distracting to my eyeys. see here:


See how blurry the left corner is?
Here is another one:


I'm really bummed about this cause I need VR for movies and the 10-30mm ios the only choice.

What do I do now?

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