Tamron 14-150 for m43!!

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Re: Good point....

tedolf wrote:

DjarumBlack wrote:

This IMHO is a perfect beach lens. I go to the beach several times a year, and I hate risking swapping out from one lens to another.

that and video.

It is good for those things.

In good light, I find the 40-150 excelent for taking shots of birds, surfers, parasailers, wind surfers..etc.

Now that is a great lens if you can get it at $99.00.

Superbe in fact.

Then I want to take a picture of a kid at 50mm, but I can't without swapping lens. Not a good idea with all that sand, wind, and salt air blowing around.

Wait a minute....

if you have the 40-150mm on, why can't you take a photo at 50mm?

I also do alot of hiking. I find that the 14-42 suits my needs generally pretty well for hiking, but there are times I need the longer focal length to get some wildlife. Standing on rocks over a waterfall while changing a lens real quick is not the safest thing to do, but I've done it.

Hiking I only take two lenses...

the 17mm and the 40-150.

My hiking stick is my monopod.


I mean 50mm in terms of 35mm. So in mFT land, 25mm. Again, its about changing lenses. I picked up my Oly 40-150 for 129.

As far as hiking, I need the ability to zoom, so I use the 14-42mm mk II collapsable. I have to take a backpack anyways, so my cheapy tripod goes in there too.

Also, around waterfalls, there can be lots of mist/spray. I really don't want to get that on the sensor or have to worry about it.

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