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Re: Measuring darkroom chemicals - HOW?! please help

Iamenough wrote:

Okay, i really should know how to measure out the ratios of darkroom developer/stop/fix etc, now that i have been at college for a wee while, but i really don't. Everyone used to just get there first and practice and i would be like, oh, that's fine - everything is set up. And recently, i've been avoiding doing it because i might make a mistake and i shouldn't be at this stage!! They're always subtracting things......and stuff. ): For example, i don't understand 'one part water, one part solution' or '1:4 / 1:1'

Gahh i must be stupid.

Please be patient and use layman's terms! I'm not always up to date with the darkroom language!



Use any measuring device. A cup, a soda can, a spoon -- whatever.

Measure one unit of developer into a clean container. Measure 4 units of water. Mix.

You're making it too complicated

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