Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

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Re: Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

Well... I can guess at the reason for the grainy look, but explaining the whys and hows could prove confusing and it'd take a while in any case, so I'll jump ahead to the solution, including a few aspects to improve non-grain related matters:

- First of all, get a faster lens. The Sony 35/1.8 would be the ideal choice, but a second-hand Minolta 50/1.7 would be a workable alternative if money is short---you don't want to use your kit zoom indoors, and you certainly don't want to use its 18mm end for portraiture either.

- Your indoor lights suck, utterly. If you're planning on shooting a lot of indoor photos (and with a baby you most likely are), it'd be a good investment to switch to Compact Fluorescent bulbs, or ideally LED bulbs---they're brighter with less energy consumption, but even at the same subjective brightness levels they produce less image noise, due to a few quirks related to camera sensors and light spectrum beyond the scope of this thread.

- As Robert Capa famously said, if your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough. The concept is simple: the more you fill the frame with your subject the less you crop when you print or view on your screen, and thus the less noticeable individual specks of noise and grain become.

I'd normally suggest trying out flash photography as well, but I've heard it can be dangerous for the eyes of small children, and I don't think it'd be necessary in your case either. Perhaps for when your children turns 4-5 and enters the "hyperactive rabbit on a caffeine overdose" phase, but until then ISO800 and an f/1.8 lens should suffice.

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