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Re: One more boring video

silyn wrote:

Apfelbaum wrote:

... From what I gathered, you are trying to use the video to market a trip to the Venetian, if that is the case it "should" be exciting...

What if that's not the case?

Anyway, I commend you on your desire if not to understand but at least to consider that there may be a reason for a vision realized in a video. In my count, you are the second person only who did this.

Thank you, I came to the assumption of that by your earlier comment:

I guess many of the problems come from our continuous search for the video format for our travel site (if we decide to keep it alive). Combined with lack of experience/skills in video production - well, here we are. I find cinematography an amazing thing and so many genres to try. As a result, a bit of overstretching ourselves perhaps also takes place.

...For the future consider this as a b-roll entertainment package. What you should consider is shooting in each spot at least in 20-30 different ways.

Many thanks for the advice and your laundry list of what to do that follows your advice. I certainly appreciate your time and your desire to share your shooting techniques.

Hope this helps.

No, it does not. I stop here because this thread is not about how to shoot. I asked for a feedback and comments regarding my video and not for a lesson on cinematography (especially from someone with unknown credentials and record). Your only substantive comment is - "yes, it's boring." That's a great comment, and I respect it and keep it in mind.

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, but was trully trying to be helpful.  You can take or leave my suggestions.  Maybe they'll help someone else.  If you need to see my credits I'll be happy to pm you a link to imdb, where there is plenty of proof of my record and credentials.

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