GXR M mount module

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Re: GXR M mount module

ripleysbaby wrote:

... With a bit of luck on ebay i may have myself a M mount next week. My only lens i have at my disposal is an OM Zuiko 50mm f1.8. If you had to live with one lens for your Ricoh M, what would you choose ?

When I'm out and about with only one lens and an APS-C format camera, the two lenses I most prefer for this format are either a 28mm giving a "wide normal" FoV, or a 40mm giving a "long normal" FoV.   40mm is somehow particularly sweet on this format to my eye.

A 50mm works but usually feels just a little too tight for general purpose "only one lens" use, for me anyway. I can go short as far as a 21mm more comfortably.

My usual three-lens travel kit for the GXR-M turns out to be 21/40/90 mm to cover all I need from wide to short tele.

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