Getting "that blue" of the sky & sea

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Re: Getting "that blue" of the sky & sea

You've had a lot of good answers.

But all of them are different.

That shows you how many factors can be in play to get an "amazing" blue sky.

First of course is the weather. Even a little bit of atmospheric moisture may bleach your sky color.

then there is the direction of the light; shooting more toward the sun will bleach the color of the sky as you camera starts to compensate for the shadow exposures. (this is where people start to consider fill-in flash)

Some lenses tend to produce a darker sky due to their designs; they have a natural darkening toward the corners of the frame. (this is called fall-off, it is the result of design compromises, not a defect)

Also you can use a polarizing filter, but that has some limitations on where you can point the camera and get the effect you want. Better would be a graduated neutral density filter that reduces the exposure on part of the image(the sky)

In post processing there are several way to enhance the colors in your images. In Photoshop, you can apply an exposure adjustment layer with a layer mask. Or you can use the selective color dialog to add some black to your blues and cyans.(there literally dozens of ways beyond these two.)

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