Obama-haters in the minority once again....

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Re: Obama-haters in the minority once again....

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

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Most know squat. Mao was even more popular. We know how that went.

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Variance is Evil!

Creationist and Obama hater.

Give us a break Joe, your views are only of interest to your children. And when they are sensible enough, hopefully they will reject them too.

And what on earth does Variance is Evil! mean??????

Not a Deming quote, but could have been.

Liberals are their own worst enemy. They want to be individuals by forcing all to think the same small thoughts.

There is more diversity of thought and ideas amongst liberals than the straight and narrow lily white Christian thinking of conservatives.

No. Liberal arguments end up with a" your stupid because you do not believe what we do."

The lily white thing is hilarious. In reality, it falls flat on its face. The most white places are big city liberal communities. They do not even like to have black teachers for their kids.

I live in a conservative - multi cultural city.

Try to convince Paul Ryan of that.

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