Vietnam challenge host behaviour

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Vietnam challenge host behaviour

The vietnam challenge host has seen fit to disqualify fully one-third of all entries in his challenge, because, in his words: "challenge requirement to vote on all entries".

Looking at the challenge, this so-called requirement reads as follows: "-IF YOU ENTERED AN IMAGE, ***PLEASE*** VOTE ON ALL OTHER ENTRIES. THIS SHOULD TAKE LESS THAN 10 MINUTES TO DO. THANKS. :-)"

Excuse me: how is that a requirement? It is a _request_, and in no way does it become clear that not voting is a reason for disqualification!

From my point of view, I simply have no desire to vote. Period. I don't feel qualified to do it, I don't think it is appropriate to vote on challenges I compete in, and I don't have time to look at the hundreds of photos you find in some challenges.

There are already plenty problems with the challenges, such as:

- it's never clear why low scores are given.

- hosts failing to clean out photos that are totally opposite to the challenge rules.

- inexplicably low scores on very good photos (not just my own, btw).

and now it seems we also get to enjoy

- challenge hosts going stark raving mad and destroying the challenge by retroactively changing the rules.

I don't know about the other people who had perfectly fine photos of Vietnam removed because of this, but I'm sufficiently p*ssed off that I need to rethink if I want to take part in any challenges again.

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