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Re: Haters gonna hate. (n/t)

Yes, I do not like those forum fights. But I'm a fervent supporter of Sir Laurence Matson. Even if sometime we can disagree on some points, he does not deserve AT ALL any kind of hate. Nobody deserve it.

It is because of him I discovered and dreamed many nights about the SD15 (even with Carl's Blog). I do not like this sort of harassment/stalking some ppl do toward him over here ...

One River wrote:

HBowman wrote:

mmm... I wanted to by this DP3m but I'm not sure, actually.

The problem is, in my world, that Old DP and SD add the best skin rendition I ever seen. SD15 was awesome for skin tones, DP2s and X was awesome for that too. No banding and easy way to get around "splotches".

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I agree that the old sensor was in many ways superior for people shooting, although the new sensor seems like a landscaper's dream.

Question about the DP2x/s. Does it focus substantially faster than the original DP2 (with updated firmware)?

Yes, the Dp2x does has a much faster AF than the original DP

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