How many of you own RX1 and/or RX100 plus other cameras. Is RX1 or RX100 your "go to" camera now?

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Tom Hoots
Tom Hoots Veteran Member • Posts: 6,072
RX100 is my go-to camera.

I have owned more than 50 digital cameras over the years, including a Canon "rebel" DSLR, and I easily tossed that away when the Sony NEX cameras came along.

I have owned two NEX-5 cameras, two NEX-5N cameras, one NEX-5R, and one NEX-7.

After getting the RX100, I sold the NEX-7 -- I didn't really get along with it very well.  I've sold the two NEX-5 cameras, though I've still got the NEX-5N cameras.  I got the new NEX-5R mainly to get all of the little things that I liked from the NEX-7 and the RX100 -- the power button around the shutter button and the electronic level, mainly.

But, if the RX100 would have come out first, I'm quite sure that I wouldn't have touched any of the NEX cameras, though -- it's really EXACTLY what I have always wanted, and then some.

Many of those 50 cameras have been pocketable compact cameras -- carrying a camera in my pocket everywhere I go has been part of my life for over a decade now.  My first digital camera was the original Canon "digital ELPH," the original S100.  Not to be confused with the "new" one.

I'm a JPEG shooter -- I've tried using RAW a few times over the years, but every time I really HATED using it, immediately.  I'm sorry, but what works for me is just getting a camera that has the kind of default color and contrast that I like, tweaking it a little bit if needed, and getting JPEG results that are as close to what I want to see as I can get.  Then I do a little bit of post processing, if needed, and I'm happy.

And I sure think that the RX100 has "more neutral" JPEG color than any of the NEX cameras I've owned.  Every NEX model has had different color from the Standard setting from the others -- and they've always been quite a bit more saturated than they should be, certainly far more saturated than the RX100 is.  I never really liked the NEX-7's color, except in the Vivid mode, which was well "too vivid," but I sure wasn't happy with any of its other settings.

So, today, I carry the RX100 around with me everywhere I go, and I use the original NEX 18-200mm lens on the NEX-5R.  The two NEX-5N bodies just sit on a shelf -- too good to sell for the meager bucks I could sell them for.  Thus, I'll grab the NEX-5R if I need some long zoom; otherwise, I'll use the RX100.

If Sony comes out with a long-zoom or a super-zoom camera with the RX100's sensor, I would be interested -- but it would have to beat the NEX-5R plus the 18-200mm combination in some way.  Otherwise, I'm pretty happy to stay put "as is" -- the RX100 is truly my "dream come true" camera, and now it's really time to just "get out and shoot," rather than buying a bunch of new cameras.  In the end, I'm just really, really, really satisfied with the RX100.

Tom Hoots

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