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Aquilagb wrote:

Hi All,

I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I am looking for advice on a good laptop for photo-editing. I'm willing to spend what I need to (without going ridiculous), but I don't want to waste money, so what should I be looking for in a great photo editing laptop?


Before anybody giving a useful answer, we need to know:

- What's your budget?

- How much portability is important to you, weigh and size?

- What factors are your priorities such as

i) display quality?

ii) rendering power and speed of the laptop (depending on how big are the photo files you edit)?

iii) storage amount?

For photo editing all these are important features to consider. However some of these parameters can be compensated with external devices: if your laptop's display is of inadequate quality, you can add a good quality desktop display to use at home. You can have additional storage on external hard drives, etc..So you need to tell us you would consider these external devices as viable options or not.

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