500mm f4 II and Extender 2x III ?

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Re: 500mm f4 II and Extender 2x III ?

zerlings wrote:

I am thinking of upgrading my 500 f4 mark I to mark II, to use with my 5D3, for birding.

The key reason to upgrade is that the 500+5D3 doesn't give me enough reach at times. I am hoping that the 500 mark 2 will pair better with the Extender mark 3.

However, I heard that with the 2 stops penalty, I can't AF using the 2X extender. Now if I use the 1.4X extender it will still give me AF but then 700mm isn't much longer than current 500mm and the whole purpose of upgrading is defeated.

So is the increase in range NOT the reason to upgrade? Will I be better off just getting the 400 2.8 mark 2 so at least it can do AF with the 2X?

On the extender, 1x or 2x III. I think every shooters use it so frequently should upgrade it! I have so many TCs, 7-8 of them from different brands as well as Canon version II and i recently upgraded mine to the III. All i can say is WHY did i wait that long! The 2X is a completely new animal, amazing quality compare to previous version. I have heard that the 1.4x doesn't make much different to previous generation, especially on my 500 F4 IS. Wrong, it's marginally upgrade too on every aspects. The CA is nearly gone, sharper wide open and initially AF pick up is so much quicker. That's important if you do BIF and not to mention the color and contrast are improving. Both worth the asking price! I use 1dm4 btw.

Back to your questions, I am not a big fan of 400 2.8 having TCs to compensate for the distance but you won;t have too when Canon upgrade 5dm3 fw to support AF on F8.  If i were to upgrade my 500 IS to newer version of supertele, it's the 600 IS II. I rather have longer supertele with 1.4x than shorter one with 2x. The latter can't do BIF.

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