Please share photgraphy tip(s) you've used

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Re: a couple from me

I'm blessed to live in an state that has a lot of wildlife in it.  You never know when, or where you might see it.

Tip #1,  When leaving the house always have a charged battery and memory card (with room to take more pics on it) inserted in your camera.  Put your camera bag where you can access it easily.  This past Christmas morning we had 2" of new snow.  A mile from my place, in the middle of the city, my brother shouted: get your camera!  A beautiful red fox had just crossed the road in front of us and posed perfectly for 15 seconds.  My gear bag was in the back of his car and I couldn't access it quickly.  Over the years I've missed many chances because I didn't have a charged battery or a full memory card in my camera. Not a big deal until you miss your chance.

Tip #2, goes along with above tip.  Get yourself one of those foam tubes made for kids to play with in the swimming pool.  They're 2.5"- 62 cm (?) diameter, about 4' or 5' long, with a 3/4"- 20cm (?) hole in the center, running through the entire length of it.  Cut a section about a foot long and slit it the length (like a hot dog bun is slit).  You now have a very handy camera support that slips over the top of a vehicle's window that is up a few inches from the bottom.  It beats bean or rice bags, in some cases.  It's almost weithless, portable,fits in the camera gear bag, and is cheap.  I got mine from the $ store and have plenty left over to use or give away.  Not free, but very low cost.

Anyone else care to share?  Thanks, Mike

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