800mm f/5.6...lighter than 600mm f/4....nice!

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Re: This is about high ISO photography

Telefoto wrote:

I too am puzzled by Nikon's moves over the last 2 years. All the ancient 20 year old lens designs still on the market begging for upgrades (half their primes) and we get this thing. The lightness of the lens is welcome, I suppose, in a relative way, but what no one is remembering is how hard it is to capture sharp images at this magnification. My conclusion: this lens is all about operating above 1000 ISO. Apparently there is a large market for that in the sports world in particular, and maybe with paparazzi. But, as a nature guy, I have no interest in this length since I seek to shoot as close to base ISO as possible.

??  Think you may be a bit mistaken on this.  I shoot with the old manual focus version of this and use in almost exclusively for wildlife.  Rarely do I need to shoot at ISO 1000 with it.  I mainly shoot at ISO 200 and 400.  The key is stability for the lens as shooting at f 5/6 or f 8 gathers the same amount of light with this lens as it will with any other.  So you are just combating other factors dealing mainly with the size and of course target acquisition with a 800 lens.

Lowlight shooting of wildlife is a challenge regardless of the lens...

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