Choosing a bag for the P7700

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Choosing a bag for the P7700

Apologies to those who thought I was going to ask a question in this thread. The actual purpose of it is to comment on the various bags/pouches that my wife and I evaluated for our new compact. We're both fairly picky and given that I was ordering online, I didn't have the opportunity to try before I bought so I ended up purchasing 5 (!) bags (if I 'm returning one, might as well return four, right?)

The 5 choices were:

1. Lowepro Rezo 60 (as recommended by their bag selector)

Comments: Largest bag of the bunch but also the cheapest. Minimal padding allows for a lots of interior storage space. Camera plus charger can fit in main compartment with plenty of space for an extra battery and cards in the outer pocket. Flap covering outer pocket seems redundant.

Why we didn't choose it: With just the camera in the main compartment, the camera has too much room and can be jostled around quite a bit. Would have preferred less space and more padding. We're using a simple wrist strap with the camera but if you wanted to use the neck strap, the interior space would likely be more appropriate. Similarly, if you wanted to always have the charger with you, put a little foam on the bottom of the charger to keep it from scratching the camera and this bag is a winner for that task.

2. Tamrac 5692 Digital 2 (as recommended by their digital camera fit chart)

Comments: Most expensive bag of the bunch. Well padded main compartment. Seems very well made with durable exterior material.

Why we chose it: Main compartment is basically a perfect fit for the P7700 without neck strap. Accessory pocket big enough to carry what we need but not much else. The extra padding all around will at least help mitigate a short drop to the ground. A little bulky (though not as big as the Lowepro) but still small enough to easily fit into my wife's purse.

3. Case Logic EHC-102

Comments: Camera without neck strap just barely fits into this case. At most, you can fit a memory card too but no room for a battery or the neck strap.

Why we didn't choose it: While my wife loved the slim exterior, the P7700 is simply just a bit too big for this case. Zippering the case shut put more force than I'm comfortable with on the lens cap. With the interior foam fully compressed, you won't get much drop protection either. With a few millimeters more interior width, this would make a great slim case for the P7700.

4. Kata DF-408V DL

Comments: Very slim bag. Looked a bit cheap to my wife but it is an inexpensive bag.

Why we didn't choose it: Camera doesn't fit at all. Whoops, bad choice.

5. Think Tank Photo Little Stuff It!

Comments: Fairly expensive for the size but a nicely made bag. Super slim bag for the P7700 with just enough room for a spare battery in the outer stretch pocket and memory card in the pocket with the rain cover (no neck strap on camera). Doesn't come with a strap but the strap from an old Lowepro bag for our previous compact camera fit its loops no problem.

Why we didn't choose it: It was a tough decision between this bag and the Tamrac. In the end, we decided to go with the slightly bulkier option as it offered that extra bit of protection and the camera goes in and out easier while still fitting snug. Packed to the gills with the aforementioned items, the P7700 is bit difficult to get in and out as it gets hung up on the bulges created by the accessories. Remove the battery and memory card and that's no longer an issue. If it wasn't a $25 bag, we'd have kept it just as a smaller storage option for really light packing. I wasn't too keen on spending $55 in bags for a $400 camera though.

Hope this helps someone else with their decision making process. Feel free to ask questions. I'll be sending the bags back soon but for now have all five in my possession.

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