Best type of rechargeable AA batteries

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Re: Best type of rechargeable AA batteries

Rather than start another topic about rechargeable batteries, I figure I'll ask here...

I have a bunch of rechargeables I use in an SB-800.  My newest are cheap, 3000 mAh AAs, a couple years old, that won't even light the ready light on my flash.  I've been charging them in a smart charger, but for the last several months I've had to resort to using my 5-year-old 2500 mAh batters (which will at least charge and fire the strobe) and leave the 3000 mAh at home......

I just bought a Lacrosse BC-1000 and have some Eneloop batteries coming.  BUT, since the charger claims to "refresh" old batteries I'm trying my 3000 mAh batteries in there.  I've now down TWO sets of four, using this process:

Insert batteries, and set charger to TEST.  Let it do it's thing, then look at the numbers.

Re-insert and change setting to REFRESH.  Let it do it's thing, then look at the numbers...

SO, after the initial TEST cycle, my 4 batteries ranged from 202 to 410 mAh according to the charger.  They SAY they're fully charged, but WHERE are my 3000 mAh?  Then I ran the REFRESH, and when it finished, my batteries range from 350 to 520 mAh.  Again, WHERE'S my 3000 mAh?  Will additional "REFRESH" cycles improve these thing or are they shot?  When taking my older batteries and attempting to bring them back to full use, is there a particular method I should use?  Is TEST to see what I've got followed by REFRESH the best way?

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