Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

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Re: Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

JajoB wrote:

Hey all,

Returned a Nikon D5100 for a Sony A57, and here I am. I had intended on buying the NEX5R, but after playing with the A57 in the store, I had to have it.

I've been playing around with it a little, and am still learning (I'm very new to the DSLR/T world). My pictures of stationary objects have come out great, but capturing my son on photo is a little more difficult.

I came here to ask, what the heck is going on with this picture? The graininess is terrible, and his skin doesn't look smooth; it looks plastic. What is going on here? Check out the graininess around his nose and mouth. Am I expecting too much from the camera? Or do I just need more practice?

Can you post the original including full EXIF information?

That can shed a little more light on which settings you used.

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