Nex-5R or Nex-6 for only $100 more?

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Re: Nex-5R or Nex-6 for only $100 more?

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cptobvious wrote:

I was debating between the two and ordered the 5R. The 6 is almost perfect except the lack of a touchscreen. As someone who owned a 5N and MFT cameras, I find touch focus/shutter to be completely intuitive and much better than using dials to select focus points (on DSLR I would normally stick to center point and focus/recompose). Although I question Sony's "2 steps forward, 1 step back" approach in downgrading the 5R's touchscreen to resistive rather than capacitive.

I think that ability to touch focus is one of the biggest advantages I see over the Nex-6. But is it really that difficult to focus using a d-pad/dial? I know it would be nicer/quicker to touch focus, but should this really influence my decision so much?

The 5R bundle with the 16-50mm lens apparently doesn't exist anymore, as it was taken off the B&H website. So I'm leaning toward the 6 now especially with the $100 education store discount.

It depends on your shooting style. I've used various focus methods since starting photography: D-pad on my Canon 60D, center focus point + recompose on my 5D, touch shutter on the E-PL5 I had briefly. To me there is something very intuitive about using touch shutter that makes me not want to go back. It combines focusing and pressing the shutter so I can focus more on the composition. This is assuming the camera's AF is fast and accurate enough to make it work - the E-PL5 has excellent AF, and I'll have to see if the NEX-5R's AF is good enough for this.

If I got the NEX-6 (and it is tempting given its features), I would probably go back to center point-recompose since selecting AF points with the D-pad was pretty inconvenient on the 5N. It wouldn't be a deal breaker but I would be less inclined to use it for candids/street photography, which is one of the strengths of using a smaller-than-DSLR camera to begin with IMO.

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