85L II vs 135L vs 70-200L II

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Use them for very different applications.

I currently have 85L II, 135L, and 70-200 IS II, I use them for very different applications, the 85L II and 135L is my dedicated portrait lens and the 70-200 2.8 IS II is my event and landscape lens. For portrait application, the two primes offer better bokeh, larger aperture for better background separation, and for some people the smaller size and lighter weight is also one benefit. And for events, I am more focus on convenient and flexibility as I can't always "zoom with my feet" fast enough in the crowded environment, another reason I don't use this 70-200 IS II for portrait is I don't like its bokeh (when compare to the two prime mentioned here), it's really sharp even wide open, but Bokeh quality is nowhere near the 85L and 135, in fact, it's even worse than my old 70-200 2.8 IS MK1 in terms of Bokeh. Another application for this lens is landscape, it's a little easier to rotate the zoom ring than climb a few miles to get closer to something sometimes.

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