Schedule for EM-5 update

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Schedule for EM-5 update

Joe Fool wrote:

Hi All

Do you have any idea when Olympus is going to publish an updated version of EM-5? Like EM-6?

I currently have a Nikon D700 (+tons of lenses) and a Panasonic GF-1 with four lenses. I would like to udgrade the GF-1. I need better control for manual shooting and more SLR like control for my small "travel kit".

EM-5 is now about year old model and if there is a newer model on the way I could wait for it. Just haven't heard any rumours but maybe you have.

I guess EM-5 would be the one for me but if there is a new model on the way...

Unfortunately nearly anything you read about a higher or lower end model are pure rumor of the lowest order, similar to water cooler talk or girl gossip. The important thing to know is the OMD is the top of the line m4/3 for Olympus, that being said it is extremely unlikely a lower end model in the same series, EMx, will be released, Olympus has the perfectly capable Pen series for this, EPx, EPLx and EPMx. For Olympus top model cameras your looking at 2+ years before a new announcement at least from the time of the last release so either by years end or next your you will have an announcement.

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