The E-M5 is the highest OM-D.

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Re: The E-M5 is the highest OM-D.

sigala1 wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Acording to 4/3 rumors there will be 3 bodies from Olympus this year. The E-Px (probably with EVF), a new OM-D (probably a lower priced model) and e new E (probably the pro model).

The E model could be a hybrid camera, probably the size of the GH-3 or E-620, with an EVF and possibly a similar adapter to Sony's NEX AF mirror adapter, to support the 4/3 lenses (PDAF)

Just a thought.

2. Don't hold your breath waiting for hybrid PDAF/CDAF. I don't think this is going to happen because Olympus doesn't have the resources to develop that and they don't think there would be that many extra sales.

Olympus said they have been working on this since 2009, and claim it is a priority. They have a stable of high-end zooms that they want to start selling again. My bet is we will see an announcement by the end of the year (maybe not an actual camera though).

You are putting an interpretive spin on what Olympus actually said. My spin is that Olympus means that they have some employee who ocassional "works" on the issue, but his main work product is a memo that says "still not a business priority, move on."

As far as selling old lenses, Olympus has a bunch of new lenses to sell, lenses with much higher profit margins in fact (compare the amount of glass on a 14-54 to the much tinier amount of glass on a 17mm f/1.8 which sells for the same price).

Once again, with the lens hood, 17mm sells for almost the SAME PRICE as the 14-54. But I suspect that the 14-54 costs SIX TIMES as much to manufacture, probably $50 for the 17mm vs. $300 for the 14-54. The 14-54 is a big heavy lens with 15 elements, while the 17mm is tiny and only has 9 elements.

With such a huge profit margin on m43 lenses, why does Olympus want to sell more legacy lenses?

Olympus doesn't make any money by making the old lenses work with the new cameras. So it won't happen.

It's significantly cheaper to continue product lines with existing manufacturing processes than pour money into R&D of miniatureized equivalent products. As for profit margin per lens, your completely speculating to the cost per lens and the profit from each. Your also comparing the 17mm to the 14-54 but why? Are you saying the optical quality is the same? Are you mistaking the fact one is a prime the other is a zoom which is the reason for the difference in amount of lens elements? Was it just a cost comparison also forgetting the original released version was put out a decade ago? As for a single man's focus on a specific piece of work, this one man is NOT the end all of everything. Business priorities change constantly as products are developed. During one month it could be this some time later it could be that, things change all the time.

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