Disappointing "new" Sigma lens lineup announcement

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Re: Disappointing "new" Sigma lens lineup announcement/needed for Nex?

Honestly I think Sigma's got it nearly right with their focal lengths, for my tastes at least. Their big problem is the unimpressive max apertures, which, as someone has already said, is due to the fact that their lenses were originally designed for their own ultra-demanding Foveon-based DP cameras.

Based on several years of actively experimenting and listening to/advising others on the subject, my current, pretty subjective thought is that in order to solidly meet the needs of the average serious enthusiast, a system should have the following (in addition to the kit lens and typical affordable 50-200ish zoom):

  • A good UWA zoom. We have this in the new 10-18.
  • A high-quality 28mm equivalent. We pretty much have this already in the form of the Sigma 19. I say 28 rather than 24 because 28 is about as wide as you can go with a CPL filter without skies becoming difficult, and because 28 is what I'd consider (and what I've heard lots of other people basically say) the boundary of "naturally wide," i.e. wide without starting to skew perspective.
  • A narrow-range standard zoom with excellent IQ and compact size. I realize that this sounds silly to plenty of people...but those people have never used an old Zeiss 35-70mm. Sacrificing 2-4mm on the wide end and 5mm on the long end makes it much easier to design a zoom with excellent sharpness and distortion characteristics. I'd be willing to bet that lots and lots of us would become quick converts if someone released a 20-45mm zoom that had prime-level IQ. Samsung's 20-50 comes close, but is aimed more at a size-and-budget-conscious crowd than a size-and-IQ-conscious one.
  • A fast slightly-wider-than-"standard" prime. I know we've got the SEL35 now, and it's a nice lens, but the 35mm focal length is misguided to me. The 40-45mm equivalent is  much closer to "normal" than 50 (or 53, for that matter), and it's nice to see it starting to be represented more regularly than it has been in the last couple of decades. The Panny 20/1.7 and Samsung 30/2 are both excellent lenses with much more useful FLs than the Sony and Fuji 35s (obviously in my opinion), and manage to be much cheaper as well. A 28mm f/1.8 would be absolutely brilliant.
  • A good macro lens of some kind. There are so many good legacy macros out there that can be mounted on the NEX that this is far from a pressing need.
  • A fast prime in the 85-135mm equivalent range. Samsung has the 85/1.4, Olympus has the 45/1.8, Fuji has the 60/2.4 (which, I know, isn't exactly fast). All we've got is the SEL50 and the new Sigma 60/2.8. The former is too short and the latter is too slow.

Really things don't look all that dire...we've got something (or something close) in most of those categories. What we lack is any kind of high-IQ standard zoom (narrow range or otherwise) and a real portrait lens.

You know what would be nifty...if someone could do a poll with a long list of prime focal lengths (say every 2mm from 14 to 85), let everyone choose 3, and see which ones come out on top.

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