X-E1 Trouble Holding MF Position?

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Re: X-E1 Trouble Holding MF Position?

It's a work in progress, I have some but I am not so proud of them as they are just experimental as yet.

I saw a awesome photographer, Jurek Nems (turns out he is a member of these forums, likely the Nikon Pro), in Aix-en-Provence over Christmas and he showed me his technique. The results from his D800e were mind blowing! 30-50 steps (1Gb files!) but his 1mt. x 1mt. prints were luscious with detail. Of note was a landscape where a bench is 3 feet away from the camera in the foreground and in fill detailed focus and a 3 mt. tall thin metal cross on the top of the Mont Sainte Victoire fully resolved at 3 Km away with everything in between in ultra sharp focus! It gave my mind a run for it's money and had an almost 3D like quality. Couldn't stop looking at it!

I would send you my working file but the .tiff is 136Mb! Do you really want it?

Did Fuji say they were working on it or was it that they just knew of this issue?

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