Isn't John Kerry too rich?

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Kerry's yacht and tax competition

Henry Schobin wrote:

CraigWestly wrote:

All of the news organizations that roasted Mitt Romney for being "too rich" don't seem to care that Kerry and wife are in the same league.

That would be the same liberal news organizations who put Republicans under the microscope and found non existent dirt under their nail. Mitt is a VASTLY better human being then Kerry who is the quintessential lying politician.

This is the Kerry who was in bed with Jane Fonda in throwing darts at good American troops in Vietnam - dirt bag lying sob.

I swear, the 1st Amendment has been folded, spindled and mutilated to an extent I would never have thought possible.

The answer to your post subject is of course NO. Liberals are the only people allowed to be long as the SAY they don't pay enough in taxes and WISH the government would tax them more. i.e. Bill clinton, Warren Buffett, etc..

But they are also the first to not pay, i.e. Buffett and half of BHO cabinet, and they are the first to avoid taxes, i.e. Kerry's yacht ........BTW, I wonder where John's docking his yacht that no one is looking anymore? My bet is he's got it back in Rhode Island to avoid $70,000 in annual excise taxes.......ahhhhhhhh the rich liberals, what a life they have!!!!

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Rethink your last comment.

I was not aware that there are taxes on yachts. 

But so be it, and let's be honest, who would have acted otherwise in lieu of Kerry? Not me.

The real problem lies elsewhere: states must not compete in taxes. In the end, only the rich profit from such a competition.

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