What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

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Re: What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

Zolty wrote:

The features - I'd like to see DSLR working flawlesly, maybe next gen AF modules - accurate, combined maybe with Contrast detection (auto-calibration of lenses?).

Features I do not want to see are oil and dust on a sensor in brand new cameras.

well, somehow i doubt if working on wifi would mean they stop working on AF, but you could be right.  as an enthusiast, i'd like them to first fix the currently known flaws before adding new features.  but manufacturers are market driven. so maybe we'll get new features and some flaws fixed.  that's a good compromise.

thinking seriously, wifi is coming. nikon is testing the water with the wu-1a/b. altho it plugs in the side in a precarious manner this making it touchy for a pro to use during a paid shoot, perhaps they'll mod it later to be more secure.

i've had other devices where i walk into the room where my computer was (on of course) and all my data was transferred by the time i took off my hat and cot and sat down. wouldn't that be nice?

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