What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

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Re: What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

The feature I would like to see on cameras is increased computerization in general. In your example of instant paparazzi photos, I could also see the need to overlay a watermark, do some basic editing, etc, before Tweeting it out.

Computers are now fast enough to do things like recognizing people. For example, the "Kinect" device on the Xbox 360 "knows" what people are, realizes when they enter and leave the frame, and understands how human limbs move. Wouldn't it be useful to say "lock focus on Paris' eyes as long as she remains in the frame" and the computer holds that focus no matter how the subject or the camera move?

Also, the whole mechanical shutter thing is a remnant of the film technology days. It must be possible to make a digital shutter that would greatly simplify the issue of flash syncing.

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