selling 14-150 to raise funds for a 25mm 1.4?

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Re: If you're doubling your money
Bluevortex wrote:

Art_P wrote:

on the 14-150, go for it... and keep an eye out for future deals like that!

How often do you use the long end of that lens? If it's not often, and those indoor shots are more important than anything you'll miss above 45mm, then go for it.

If the bulk of your shots aren't in the 'normal' range though, you might reconsider and go for a wider lens instead? 20/1.7? 17/1.8?

When budget permits, pick up the tiny 14/2.5 (new ones fairly cheap on eBay) to cover the wide end

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Actually, that is a good shout. I've seen a number of 14mm lenses going for around £100 on a classifieds forum I regularly use. That would give me a 14, 25, 45 set. Perhaps if I could source a second hand 25 lens I might be able to purchase both as I hope to have approx £400 to spend.

How does the 17 compare to the 25? Both seem evenly priced.


I did almost this exact thing, but to get an EM5. I got a deal on the 14-150, used it for a year, then sold it for the same price I paid. Then I turned around and grabbed a cheap 14mm off ebay. I do miss the 14-150mm for its convenience... but the EM5 is well worth it.

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