X-E1 Trouble Holding MF Position?

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP umanemo Regular Member • Posts: 243
Re: X-E1 Trouble Holding MF Position?


For the distances I am trying to get "Hyper Focal" (Ultra-Lanscape; 3' to Infinity) I would need a Rail Car on a Train Track! Ha! I thought that visual was hilarious! Something Charlie Chaplin would have had fun with.

But seriously, not being able to stop our focus rings at the point of focus and not to be able to rely on it staying there? Seems wrong to me.

I still await the Holy Grail of a work around.

(Why is it always about a work around? Isn't there anything out there that is designed/engineered/tested to work from the get go? Like my Fruit of the Looms!)

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