Leica Store Miami

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kamuishirou1999 Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: Leica Store Miami

JIMBO3031NIKON wrote:

Thanks for the tip. Sorry for the ignorance, is this store reputable (like Adorama, BH)? If it is used will the warranty pass on to the new owner? What puzzles me is who would use it for less than 200 shots and lose $1,000.

I would say these guys are a reputable Leica dealer. I've personally never bought anything Leica from them, but I would if they had something no one else had that I wanted. A few people on the Leica Users Forum have bought from them before with no issues as I understand it.

As to why 200 shots would knock off $1k, I have no idea myself. But that's hardly used and the site says it still comes with 1-year Leica USA Warranty.

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