How many of you own RX1 and/or RX100 plus other cameras. Is RX1 or RX100 your "go to" camera now?

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Re: RX1 and Probably NEX

Prior to ordering an RX1, I got rid of most of my gear, including a NEX-7. I will be selling my E-mount Zeiss 24/1.8 shortly as the RX1 covers that focal length beautifully.

Right now I'm using the RX1 almost exclusively to get a good feel for the focal length and to become as familiar as possible with the user interface. I still have an old Panasonic GF2 with a Lumix 7-14 ultra wide zoom, but the image quality from that camera is a drastic step back from the RX1.

Eventually, I'll probably use a NEX body and the Sony E 10-18/4.0 or Zeiss E 12/2.8, my Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5 ZM and (the as of yet unannounced) E 85/1.8 lenses for wider and longer focal lengths. I plan on using both cameras on dedicated photography outings and trips while the RX1 will remain my primary camera for everyday use.

As to which NEX body I'll get, that will likely be a NEX-5R. I don't need to duplicate the EVF which I have for the RX1. If there's so much glare that I can't see the screen, I'll just switch to the RX1. Also, my NEX body needs to have a touch screen for quick selection of the focus assist area when using my 50/1.5 ZM. That's much more efficient than moving the window around using the arrow buttons.

RC wrote:

...I have to say that the autofocus of the RX1 is quite good and fast, I don't know why people complaint. Maybe Sony has issues with product quality and a steady quality level? Even in complete darkness, the autofocus focuses pretty fast and I can even identify the object on the final photo at ISO 25600. Yes, the autofocus hunts a little bit for focus in complete darkness but it isn't nearly as bad as claimed in some reports. With some ambient light available (for example on a street with street lamps or in a bar), the autofocus works fast, accurate and without any issues. Maybe I got a "good" camera but my RX1 has no issues.

My experience exactly and pretty much what I wrote in my RX1 user report.

The report also contains lots of RAW samples for download, for those that are interested

IQ is out of this world for a "compact" camera, amazing results are possible and even my kids noticed them (I took some very same photos with the RX1 and the NEX6).

I wouldn't say "out of this world for a compact camera," I'd say IQ is out of this world, period.

The only downside is the missing EVF (I ordered one and should get it tomorrow) and the weight and size of the RX1. This is no light camera and it is pretty bulky too compared to the RX100 or even the NEX6. On the other hand, built quality is very good and the camera feels rock solid.

For me, the RX1 & NEX6 + SEL18-200 combo is just perfect and I finally can leave my Canon 1D Mk IV at home when I travel by plane. Less weight...more room for other stuff like laptop and iPad...I am very happy with my decision.

Sounds like a versatile and, above all, portable solution.

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