X-E1 Trouble Holding MF Position?

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
JimLong Regular Member • Posts: 419
Re: X-E1 Trouble Holding MF Position?

I have noticed what I think is the same thing (on the 18-55, my only lens).  If I look at the focus distance scale while turning the focus ring (at the very short focus distances), the focus distance seems to  move in discrete jumps, rather than continuously.  The only way I have been able to get a good set of images for focus stacking is by using a focus rail.  I bought one on ebay for about $13 and, of course, it's not a precision piece of gear, so using it is somewhat touchy - but for $13 that what I expected.  I have gotten sets of images that work for focus stacking in both Photoshop and Helicon focus.  I think the answer is probably a better focus rail.

By the way, I have done some focus stacking images at longer distances (a couple of feet) by turning the focus ring and these worked fine.  It is just at the very close distances that I have had the problem.

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