Help Cleaning my D7000

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Re: Help Cleaning my D7000

kenju4u wrote:

So I bought a D7000 couple of months ago and went to theGirNational ForestinIndiawith it. The conditions were extremely dusty there. Although my sensor didn’t get anything on it because I didn’t change lens while out in the field I see very fine dust all over inside the view finder. I am not able to clean it with a blower because it’s on the inside. I am not sure how it got in since the camera is suppose to be weather sealed but I need advice on how I can clean out my view finder without sending it in for service.

Images I take are not affected by the dust (at least not that I can tell) nor do I see the dust when I look through the view finder, but I do see it when I shine a flashlight into the view finder.

Any advice would be appreciated!



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The dust is just annoying, won't hurt your shots.  Best set is to take a rocket blower and blow air in right at the top of the mirror box.  Usually works fine for me.  Be VERY careful not to touch the mirror.

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