Remove science from schools

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The evidence for evolution is not there as claimed. My son was handed a definition of science as part of the teaching on evolution. This definition of science did not discuss measuring, observing, nor conducting experiments. It was several pages long and created this aura of concensus and critical mass as a definition of science. This snake oil had to be created in order to sell evolution. AGC-AGW relies on the same good feeling science alternative.

This same snake oil keeps coming up when discussing these two issues. This is why I see us going into a new dark ages because science is now politics.

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Variance is Evil!

I hope your son doesn't believe his teacher when taught that 2+2=4 then. I think if any group is entering the dark ages it is Creationists. I am not very religious although I was brought up in a religious atmosphere and my parents believed in God. I respect all religionsextent extreme ones and nutty ones. Yours seems to qualify on both Counts. It is dangerous and I believe should be banned.

But Jules...

... banning a radical offshoot religion with wierdo doctrines is bound to be counter productive. Look what happened when the Romans tried it.... we ended up with the Roman Catholic Church!!

Persecution always makes cults more detirmined, because they have something REAL to rail against.... instead of something imagined, like the fact of Evolution somehow being an 'enemy' of God.

I personally see a big difference ... between i) a religious person who accepts evolution and science and can work that into his ideas as being part of their Gods' plan - a mechnical universe set in motion by God if you will, and ii) these people who try and discount evolution and science to make it fit within their literal doctrine.

Baz - I believe you brought this point up before, and I think its a important distinction. The group ii crowd are the one always trying to impose their scripture on the rest of us, and that is what I resent!

It is actually not so much the trying to impose scripture that I resent so much. What bothers me is that they misrepresent science, lie about science, that they must at all cost attack science and purposely seek to annihilate centuries worth of intellectual progress. All because they don't understand it, experience it as a threat and do not have enough strength of faith to stand on their own. What they are doing is blaming us for the weakness of their own theology.

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