SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

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Re: SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

Yemble wrote:

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Whenever I process RAW photos it takes a long time and my guess is that it would take a lot less time with an SSD drive. Does anyone else use one for their photos? For under $200, it seems like it's worth the extra speed.

OCZ Agility 240g


When partitioned correctly, SSD can make a HUGE difference to the performance of a PC and especially a laptop. I have a mixture of SSD, fast SATA HDs and a Synology NAS with low power WD Red drives. I do all of my photo editing on SSD and then back up to the NAS. I have both OCZ Agility 4 and Vertex 3 SSDs plus an older Crucial S300. The Vertex is probably for PCs, but the Agility is ideal for a laptop.

The price of SSDs is dropping, but IMHO they are worth buying at any price.

Ok, good point. But SSD aren't really for any specific platform (given that they fit). I assumed I could use any SSD on my PC with the same result. I'm aware that different SSD drives have different specs, speeds and reliability.

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