SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

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Clarification: my system = WIN7/PC 4Gig RAM

Sorry, I should have given my complete system specs up front.

All WinExp scores are in the mid 7s except for disk drive 5.2

I agree with you that 250G SSD wouldn't be big enough to hold a lot of large RAW photos + exported jpgs. I was going to store the ones that are "active" on the drive.

But it sounds like more RAM would be a better choice at this point.

Chris Doc wrote:

arie wrote:

Whenever I process RAW photos it takes a long time and my guess is that it would take a lot less time with an SSD drive. Does anyone else use one for their photos? For under $200, it seems like it's worth the extra speed.

OCZ Agility 240g


The links you gave are for laptop SSDs. Are you using a laptop?

Usually you would configure your SSD to be your operating system (OS) drive and have a large capacity hard drive to hold your pictures. Laptops don't typically have 2 hard drives slots. So I'd say that if you have a laptop and only have space for 1 hard drive then I wouldn't recommend an SSD because it won't be large enough to hold all of your photos.

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