Tamron 14-150 for m43!!

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Re: Tamron / Sigma I need a new paperweight!

We'll see I guess.  Tamron makes some good (and some not so good) lenses.  If the IQ is comparable to the 14-140 or the Oly 14-150 then they will probably sell quite a few of them.  It's lighter/smaller than the 14-140 and has built-in IS which the Oly lens is lacking (for Panny shooters).

Big zooms make good walkaround/travel lenses.  I have a 14-140 and it's actually quite a decent lens.  At equivalent focal lengths it's about as good as the much-hyped 14-45, and it obviously extends to become a reasonably good telephoto.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I think it is an MFT lens. I assume it will be cheaper than the comp, and as such is easy to sell: there's your punter, he wants a "better" camera than his compact, he thinks he wants a 10X zoom because that's what he's used to, this costs less than the Panny, kerching!
He won't know enough for f3.5~f5.8 or 10x to ring the alarm bells.
Cynical really.
Yes, people have legit used for lenses like this. But most of the buyers will get it because they know no better, and forums will be full of "Why is this no better / not as good as my bridge camera?

amtberg wrote:

Camp Freddy wrote:

Once again a company shoe horns a lens from another offering into mFT at a speed and focal range which is covered admirably by both budget (very good OLY for the money) and the quality end now.

Tamron way back when, did some very interesting zoom lenses which were either more compact or a good trade off speed / price.

This is a stupid me-too and as a foot in the mFT market water, it will maybe freeze their toes off.

Is this a remount special? It looks to me like a purpose-built MFT lens, as I don't see a Tamron 14-150 for any other mount. But I agree that it was a bit odd to enter the field with a lens aimed at a twice-filled niche.

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