x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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how would you compare the NEX with the Zeiss 24mm f1.8 to the X100 with regards to image quality?

I didn't buy a Zeiss 24 but I looked at many images from it; I bought the X100 instead of rather than in addition to the Zeiss.

They are quite different lenses and I much prefer the "look" of the X100 lens, which is why I chose it. The Zeiss is a Sonnar which has fairly poor corners with a sharp centre when used wide open, not a look that I like for much of the stuff I do. Had it been a Planar design my decision may have been different.

Agreed. However, I would have kept the 24mm if I wasn't selling out of the NEX system (due to lack of decent lens alternatives if nothing else). The corners aren't too bad, it's nice and contrasty and the bokeh is quite nice wide open.

However, it isn't super sharp in the centre either and I've seen bad CA on occasion (though obviously that's easy to tidy up in ACR or C1). Personally, the only reason to get a Zeiss 24 over the X100 is the extra resolution offered by the NEX-6 or 7 over the X100 (which is one reason why I'm finally ditching the NEX as a consequence of the X100S).

If I'm honest, other than widest aperture and the focal length I preferred the output from the Sigma 30mm which gives you much, much more bang for your buck. I really wish Sigma did a version of that lens for the X mount.

I'll be very surprised and very happy if the X100s offers better image quality than the NEX-6 because the X-Pro1/X-E1 doesn't

Predictably I disagree (and that's why I'm selling my NEX gear).

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