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P7900. You have not been following the thread.

Choosing a camera from those that exist is difficult enough. Including the infinite set of those that do not yet exist, in the form in which they might exist, it becomes well nigh impossible.

tron555 wrote:

That is why you have toomanycanons, and probably other cameras too. Most rational people would rather wait until something comes out with fewer compromises than they are willing to put up with, like the P7700. If the P7800 comes out with:

  1. Twice as fast AF speed, or faster.
  2. Twice as fast write times, or faster.
  3. And hopefully a slightly larger sensor with a better low light capability, at least 1-1.5 stops
  4. And hopefully put a better OVF or even an EVF on it, that would be nice

…. I’m sure many other people will be very glad they waited to get something actually worth upgrading to. Not everyone purchases the next version camera because they can ‘OR’ because they think it will make their pictures come out better.

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