Is anyone here looking at the Olympus OM-D?

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Re: Stick to Nikon

HappyVan wrote:

ARB1 wrote:

I've been a Nikon guy for over 30 years and currently have a D300, but I've been seriously looking (actually have one on pre-order) at the Oly OM-D as a lighter alternative to my D300 and to possibly the D400 and D800....

I also wonder how the photo quality would differ from my faithful D300 to the OM-D. I wonder if I'd have buyers remorse if I purchased the OM-D then a beautiful D300 replacement arrives all beautiful and glowing with a new D400 sign on it.

Interesting to read these comments from 11 months ago and compare them with the situation now:

First, Oly has some serious issues to resolve because of the accounting scandal. There will be a new Board of Directors in April. Then, the new management has to be appointed. And, a review of corporate strategy.

Second, Oly badly needs a cash injection. Will it be Sony who has their own camera brands? Meanwhile, Oly is bleeding...

Yep, Sony bought into Olympus. So that's good for Olympus.

Would it be wise to put a lot of money into Oly gear?

With Sony backing Oly, why not? Also, Panasonic and several other companies also form part of the m43 consortium.

Third, Oly's sensor tevhnology is inferior to Nikon/Sony technology. I'm pleased with the D5100 and expect the D3100/D300 replacement to be better.

It has since been revealed that the OM-D's sensor is Sony-made and that it can match or beat a lot of APS-C cameras for image quality.

Finally, Nikon is trimming the size and weight of their DSLR. 36Mp D800 is significantly lighter than 12mp D700. The D3100 is already just a little heavier than OMD. D4000/400 will get lighter.

You are comparing the smallest and lightest Nikon DSLR with the biggest and heaviest Olympus m43 camera!

Why not compare the D3100 (455g) with the EPM2 (223g)? The Nikon is more than twice as heavy.

And then add a lens or two for each one.

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